After School Programs & Summer Camps

Playtime Players

Pre-K - K
The Playtime Players program welcome our very youngest actors onto the stage. They experience performing a musical production through play, song and dance.

Once Upon a Stage

Grade 1-2
Our Once Upon A Stage programs are an opportunity for our young actors to experience theater by working on a full-scale musical play. They learn how to stand tall on stage, while singing, dancing and acting their part.

Rising Stars

Grade 3-5
Our Rising Stars program gives our actors the opportunity to work on advanced concepts in the performing arts. We help them find new approaches to the challenges of theater arts, while working on a musical production.

Broadway Bound

Grade 6-8
Our Broadway Bound program focuses on bringing out the actor's natural talents and fine-tuning their skills. It gives our actors the opportunity to further explore the performing arts while working on a full-scale musical production.

The Studio

Grade 9 and up
The Studio actors study advanced theater techniques while performing in a full scale musical production.

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Located in Marshfield, MA

Stacey Shanahan

Theater Plus puts your child in the spotlight.



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Summer Camps

Week 1

July 11th
Enroll in our ALADDIN week. For children in pre-school through 8th grade.

Week 2

July 18th
Enroll in one of our 3 great programs -- Beauty and the Beast, The Stinky Cheese Man or Game of Tiaras. For children in pre-school through 8th grade.

Week 3

July 18th
Enroll in one of our 3 great programs -- The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty or High School Musical.

After the Beach

2nd-8th grade
Join us as we combine our summer evening programs for one great show!


entering 9th grade and up
The Studio and the After the Beach programs are joining forces this summer!