🎭 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 🎭


What safety precautions are you putting in place?

All performers and staff will wear masks at all times.  Class size will be limited.  Hand sanitizing will be encouraged when students arrive.  Whenever possible, classes will be held outdoors.  Classes will not switch rooms, they will be in one location the entire class.  Classes will have a dedicated teacher that will not switch groups.  Performers will be socially distanced from each other and staff. 

What will the schedule look like this session?
Classes will be held once a week for 10 weeks, on either Thursday or Saturday - depending on which class you enroll in.  Performances will be held during the 10th week on December 10th, 11th or 12th, depending on which class or classes your child is enrolled in.  


Where will classes be held?

All classes are held at Sanctuary Church, located on Rte 139, Marshfield.


What will drop off and pick up look like?

Performers should be dropped off at the center door of Sanctuary Church.  TP! staff members will greet your child there and walk them into the rehearsal space.  At the end of class, staff members will walk your child to the same spot and ensure that every child connects with the adult picking them up.   


Can I stay and watch my child?

Unfortunately, no.  One of the things we love about working at Sanctuary Church is their loft space - it allows for adults to stay and observe, while allowing the performers to be fully engaged in the class.  Due to COVID concerns, and per the Marshfield Board of Health, we must limit the number of people in the building.  Therefore we cannot allow anyone who is not participating in the class into the building.


I am not comfortable having my child use hand sanitizer.  Can my child still participate?

YES!  We completely understand that many families are not comfortable with hand sanitizer.  Please contact the Program Director, (stacey@theaterplus.org or call/text 781-308-7916).  We will work out an easy way for your child to have clean hands for class.


There are several times listed for each show - should my child attend the Thursday AND the Saturday class?

No.  Each class day/time is a separate class.  We have numerous classes because our class sizes are limited.


My child would like to enroll in two of your classes - they are interested in more than one show for their age group.  Can they do that?

YES!  We would love to have your child for more than one class this session.


What will happen if Massachusetts must shelter in place again?

Our goal is to rehearse and perform our shows in person.  Whether we will be able to have a live audience will be determined by state guidelines as we get closer to our performance dates.  However, all of the shows we have selected are written to be performed on Zoom.  If it is necessary for us to transition to an online rehearsal format, we can easily do that, and the shows we have selected will do that easily.



What is Theater Plus!


Theater Plus! is a fun performing arts experience where aspiring actors from pre-kindergarten and up can expand their acting, singing, dancing and improvisational talents in a supportive and all-inclusive environment.

At Theater Plus! we believe that the performing arts not only expand a child’s talents, but also allow them to improve their confidence and social skills while developing a strong sense of self.

Theater Plus! offers broad-based programs for aspiring actors through after-school and summer sessions. We occasionally hold weekend workshops and school vacation sessions that help our actors expand their talents.


What should I bring?


Actors should bring a water bottle and a snack to all of our programs. Full day summer program actors should also bring a lunch. Once you are given a script, you should bring that script with you to every rehearsal.


What should I wear?


Actors should dress in comfortable clothing that they can move easily in - theater is an active sport! It is best to wear shoes that have a back to them, flip flops and sandals can come off easily and possibly be hard to work in.


How do you select your staff?


Very carefully! We pride ourselves on having the best staff possible. All of our staff members have extensive experience working with children and enjoy teaching them. Everyone on staff has years of performance and teaching experience.